IQ Оption FAQ

In 2015, representatives of BinGuru online resource interviewed Dmitry, one of the founders and owners of IQ Option. He was not a public person at that time, so his surname was not given.
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Answers to common questions

1. Portion of personal information.

Dmitry is inthe online mode of private sector for more than 10 years, he has a mathematical education, he really likes to read books about customer service, what is required for a business to flourish.


2. Concept of IQ Option creation.

The concept appeared in March 2013th year. They had a few variants of nomination. Potential denominations were: optionGO, acceltrades, brisktrades, jetbinary, instaoptions, iqoption. And it was not an exhaustive register. However, the final point was iqoption, and it was chosen.


3. Refusal from ready-made solutions.

Dmitry flew to Israel, conducted negotiations with Tradologic. They bought the license, tried to raise the site, but that solution was initially disgusting.

Dmitry`s companionput his foot down, but after he saw the code and so on, he understood, and they abandoned the idea. It was parallel to the elaboration of their own intermediary.


4. Main challenges while creating a platform.

AppealstoCySEC, carders, deficit of qualifiedstaff, domestic concernsinside the company.


5. Number of bidding agents who have worked with the intermediary over the years of IQ existence.

1.5 million accounts with a deposit greater than zero.


6. Quantity of successful IQ bidding agents.

The company`s goal is to deliver “Ultimate trading experience”, which meansan advanced service through software and support.

Generally: 1.5 million minus 50 bidding agents in 2.5 years :)


7. Would the owner advise a friend to bid on IQ Option?

Dmitry trades there himself.


8. Function of the internal scheme of risk management.

They see how much the scheme earns, owners should receive 3% of the total bidding volume stably. If this percent is different, interest returns on assets are changed.


9. Evaluation of contest in the market.

Theyconsider competitors, who copy their interfaces, mechanics. They are real competitors. Others are less strong.


10. Why do traders lose money?

Because any bidding, mathematically, is a zero-sumperformance. One bidding agent won from the deal, and the second lost, and an intermediary that is in the black.

However, bidding is great! While properly implemented, this is an entire world: analysis, news, excitement, intuition and EMOTIONS.

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